An army would never go to war without the necessary artillery at their disposal and a surgeon wouldn’t go into an operating room without a full set of scalpels readily available. Every craft has its own set of unique instruments that assist the professional in carrying out their duties and it shouldn’t be any different in the world of PR.

Here is a list of essential ammunition for all PR Power houses:

Press Kits
Press kits include written material about the organization and its top people.

Audio Releases
Audio releases or video releases are prerecorded messages distributed to various media channels.

Matte Releases
Small local newspapers accept articles written by organizations when they do not have sufficient articles or stories to publish. Such releases are called as matte releases.

Website Press Room
Public relations experts promote their organization and its products/services through online press rooms.

Media Tour
Public relations experts publicize their organization and its products through media tour where key people of the organization travel to important places and locations and promote their products through various interviews to media people. They interact and share the benefits and USPs of their products/services with people from various news channels, radio channels and even print media. Organizations also hire celebrities or other people popular among the masses to promote and publicize their organization.

Newsletters are nothing but publications which are distributed on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly) among target audiences. Public relations experts collect complete information (name, address, agegroup) of their target customers and distribute newsletters to create awareness about their products. Newsletters should include information about the organization, interview from key people, product information, testimonials from clients and so on.

Public relations experts organize special events, gatherings, parties, to target their customers and promote their organization and its products among them. People from media are also invited for coverage.

Speaking Engagements
One of indirect ways of publicizing an organization and its products is through interacting with potential customers and target audience. Company officials address the target audience and do not only discuss about their products and services. They generally prefer any topic which would interest the target audiences.

Employee interactions on a regular basis
It is really essential for employers to stay in constant touch with employees and keep them abreast with the latest developments and happenings within the organization. Management or public relations experts should circulate latest events, new product launches among employees through emails, circulars, notices or simply communicating with them.

Charity/Corporate social responsibility
Public relations experts engage in various social and charitable activities to publicize their organization and its products. Organizations distribute products among target audiences to create a goodwill of their organization.



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