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5 Steps to Choosing the Best Event Management Companies in Gauteng for Your Event

 Business managers often think that planning and organising events, such as conferences, sports days, or product launches are relatively easy to organise. They see it as “just another meeting” – only with more people. Often, they have no idea how complicated the planning, organising, and management of such an event actually is, and they task internal staff (who already have full-time jobs to do in the company) with organising these events. This often means that the event is not quite as successful and polished as it should be, and often, the objectives of the event is not achieved. The result is money spent on something that could have had a big impact on the organisation, but did not.

Experts will always recommend that bigger, complicated, or exclusive events are outsourced to event management professionals. Because Gauteng has now become known as the conference capital of Africa, there are a lot of event management companies in Gauteng that compete for business, and as a result, there are a lot of great services and expert professionals to choose from to organise your function or event. Choosing between all these event management companies in Gauteng, however, can be difficult. Everybody will promise the world, but not everyone has the capability or capacity to deliver what they promise.

In order to select the event management company that will fit the needs of your organisation, your goals, and your event the best, it is necessary to go through a process to ensure that you choose the best events management company for the job. Here, we provide some tips on how to select the best one from the various events management companies in Gauteng for your particular event.

  1. Know What You Need: Before you start looking at event management companies in Gauteng, you need to know what you need, what the goals and objectives of the event will be, and what you hope to achieve by having the event in the first place. This will give you guideline regarding what to look for in the companies you choose. You need event management companies that have experience with your particular type of event, and a good track record at carrying these out with great success.


  1. Do Some Homework: While the internet is rife with event management companies that will be glad to have your business, you have to find the ones that suit your particular needs. This means that your internet search will have to be quite thorough. You have to find out a lot about the events management companies in Johannesburg before you choose a few to shortlist. For instance, you need to know how long they have been in business, what types of events they specialise in, who their clients are, and what their track record is like in the industry. It also helps to ask around for recommendations, and perhaps even ask for some client references.


  1. Shortlist Three: When you have done your research, choose three events management companies in Gauteng that you think will meet your needs the best. Contact them, and ask for a meeting. You need to brief them very carefully on your specific objectives, your budget, and any restrictions that they may have to deal with. Ask them to prepare a pitch, and compare the pitches. Ideally, try to get all of the shortlisted companies to pitch on the same day. This will give you a better idea of how they compare.


  1. Ask Questions: Before or after the pitch, ask questions about the services they provide, whether they can come in on budget, whether they are able to negotiate discounts, the extent of their accountability for the project, the experience of their professionals, and the outcome of similar events that they have organised. This will allow you to find out things about them that you would not normally observe during the first meeting.


  1. Choose Your Company: Once you have done all of the above, you can make a decision. Often, a contract will need to be signed, and you have to ensure that you understand the full extent of the contract. In these contracts, events management companies in Gauteng will usually describe the services that they will provide, as well as the cost and any additional requirements or items not covered in the quote. If you are happy with it, sign it, and you are on your way to a well-organised event.

If you are looking for an event management company in Gauteng with outstanding experience in many different events, highly creative professionals that are well-connected, and service second to none, choose Moshate Communications. Our team is very motivated, and we would love to organise your dream event for you.


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