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When is it Time to Employ an Events Management Company for Your Functions?

  30.10.2018   Administrator   Articles

Over the last few decades, there seems have been a perception that all business events can be handled by internal staff, but since then, the use of an events management

Why You Should Choose to Work with a Black-Owned Events Company

  30.10.2018   Administrator   Articles

When the ANC came into power in South Africa, they implemented certain measures to address the shortcomings within previously disadvantaged communities and individuals. As a result, Broad Based Black Economic

Why You Need a Good Brand Activations Company for Your Brand

  30.10.2018   Administrator   Articles

The term “brand activation” is a fairly new term, but the concept is actually quite old. Often, people see this term as just another useless marketing buzzword that a brand

4 Reasons to Employ the Services of Top Event Management Professionals for Your Events

  30.10.2018   Administrator   Articles

While a lot of business managers consider the use of top event management professionals as an unnecessary expense, there are a lot of other business managers who know how crucial

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