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Media Events Planning – How to Go About Planning Your Media Event

  22.09.2017   Administrator   Articles

In order for you to plan relevant networking experiences at your conferences and media events, you have to be focussed, to the point of obsession, on your target audience. There

The Value of Working with Experts in Exhibitions Management

  22.09.2017   Administrator   Articles

Pulling off a successful exhibition these days isn’t as easy as it sounds. Aside from the fact that there is such excessive competition in vying for exhibitors’ attendance today, the

PR & Strategic Business Communication Agency

  22.09.2017   Administrator   Articles

Take Your Business to New Heights with an Expert PR and Strategic Business Communication Agency  Whether you are a small to medium enterprise, or a larger company, in need of

You Need an Expert PR and Communications Company

  24.08.2017   Administrator   Articles

In a World Filled with Competition, You Need an Expert PR and Communications Company  Where did the days go of merely having a superior product or service being sufficient to

Best PR Agencies in Johannesburg

  24.08.2017   Administrator   Articles

Your Company Deserves Results from the Best PR Agencies in Johannesburg  Let’s be honest, you can throw a rock anywhere in Johannesburg and probably hit upwards of a dozen PR

Working with the Top Companies in Public Relations

  24.08.2017   Administrator   Articles

Get Your Message Across by Working with the Top Companies in Public Relations  Every company can relate to the frustration of not getting their brand’s message across the way that

How Top Companies Use Public Relations to Increase Their Market Presence

  19.07.2017   Administrator   Articles

Any business in today’s economy strives to get ahead and to get noticed, and in certain cases, a good marketing strategy is not enough. This is why a lot of

Competition Amongst Events Planning Companies in Gauteng Increases Performance

  19.07.2017   Administrator   Articles

Most industries these days are pretty cutthroat, and the current economy only serves to make competing in a highly competitive industry, such as events planning, even harder. Gauteng has lately

Is It Worth It to Outsource Communications to PR Companies in Gauteng?

  19.07.2017   Administrator   Articles

A good communication strategy is vital for any company that wants to survive in today’s very hectic competitive environment. While the communications and public relations are often handled in-house, it

Take Your Event Planning & Management to Another Level

  14.06.2017   Administrator   Articles

When it comes to the planning and management of events, most business managers want to ensure that they keep costs to a minimum, yet they expect maximum impact. Often, in-house