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When is it Time to Employ an Events Management Company for Your Functions?

  30.10.2018   Administrator   Articles

Over the last few decades, there seems have been a perception that all business events can be handled by internal staff, but since then, the use of an events management

Why You Should Choose to Work with a Black-Owned Events Company

  30.10.2018   Administrator   Articles

When the ANC came into power in South Africa, they implemented certain measures to address the shortcomings within previously disadvantaged communities and individuals. As a result, Broad Based Black Economic

Why You Need a Good Brand Activations Company for Your Brand

  30.10.2018   Administrator   Articles

The term “brand activation” is a fairly new term, but the concept is actually quite old. Often, people see this term as just another useless marketing buzzword that a brand

4 Reasons to Employ the Services of Top Event Management Professionals for Your Events

  30.10.2018   Administrator   Articles

While a lot of business managers consider the use of top event management professionals as an unnecessary expense, there are a lot of other business managers who know how crucial

We Are An Events Management Company in Johannesburg

  29.09.2018   Administrator   Articles

Moshate Communications: The Event Management Company in Johannesburg That Will Ensure Your Event Success It can be very difficult to organise events, and yet a lot of people do not

Event management services in Gauteng

  29.09.2018   Administrator   Articles

Event Management Services in Gauteng to Make Your Dreams Come True People often underestimate how much effort and gumption it takes to plan, organise, and manage any type of event.

We Are A Black-Owned Events Company in Gauteng

  29.09.2018   Administrator   Articles

Why You Should Outsource Your Events to a Black-Owned Events Company in Gauteng It is a fact that BEE (or Black Economic Empowerment) is an important part of business in

Reliable Conference and Event Organisers

  29.09.2018   Administrator   Articles

Looking for Reliable and Creative Conference and Event Organisers in South Africa? It can be a real pain to plan and organise an event, especially if it is a particularly

Pitfalls in Choosing Event Management Services Gauteng

  28.08.2018   Administrator   Articles

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Professional Event Management Services in Gauteng Most people or businesses in Gauteng, or anywhere else for that matter, need some help when it comes

Event Management Company in Johannesburg

  28.08.2018   Administrator   Articles

Why International Clients Should Outsource To an Event Management Company in Johannesburg Events can be tricky things to organise, especially when it comes to corporate events, and other events that

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