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4 Steps to Choosing an Exhibitions Company to Plan and Organise Your Exhibition

It is quite unusual nowadays for companies to organise their own exhibitions, unless they employ a number of events planning professionals internally. Because exhibitions are so crucial to the success of many different people – the organisers, the attendees, the exhibitors – it is vital that they are done right. Often, exhibitions differ vastly from organising events, and it is possible for even the most experienced events planning team to get it wrong when it comes to organising and planning an exhibition.

This is why most exhibition hosts choose to outsource this to a professional exhibitions company. It means that the exhibition will be planned and organised by industry experts. These experts usually have their own internal resources to market, advertise, and do the PR of the exhibition, and then provide insights into the success of the exhibition after the fact.

Because there are so many different exhibition companies competing for work, you have a lot to choose from. Some of the best companies, such as Moshate Communications, can do wonders for your exhibition. You have to choose carefully though. Experts recommend the following steps:


  1. Get recommendations from colleagues and other companies that regularly host exhibitions and work with exhibition companies. If they have had a pleasant experience with a particular exhibitions company, they will be able to provide you with valuable information. Verify their expertise by checking the reputation of the company, the associations and professional organisations they are associated with, and awards. Check references where needed. It is equally important to find out which companies you should not be working with.


  1. Have a good idea of what your budget is and what the event should entail. Draw up a few objectives or targets, and identify who your ideal audience is. It is vital that you provide an exhibitions company with all this information, in order for them to prepare a good pitch for you.


  1. Make a shortlist of companies you would like to pitch for the job and invite them for a briefing. It is important to find an exhibitions company that is a good fit with your organisation and the type of exhibition that should be planned.


  1. Choose an exhibitions company from the pitch results, and ensure that everything is negotiated and set out in a contract that specifies the milestones, budget, terms of payment, goals for the event, and mutual expectations of what should happen and by when. Both parties must have a clear idea of what is required from each other. Ensure that there is clarity on who the suppliers should be paid by – while one exhibitions company may choose to pay the suppliers themselves, another may prefer the vendor invoices to go straight to the client for payment.

Moshate Communications is ready to help you with your exhibition planning and organisation. We have all the industry experience and skilled professionals to put together a highly successful exhibition for you.


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