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5 Occasions for Which You Should Outsource to a Corporate Event Management Company

A lot of companies used to have their own corporate event management team that was responsible for all the events, functions, conferences, and trade shows that the organisation was involved in, and a lot of them still do. Internal events planners are expected to meet the requirements for increasingly creative events, in order to make them more memorable, to measure the success of the event, and also to deliver and be able to show a return on the investment.

Because this can be a lot to handle internally, there has been a shift towards outsourcing corporate event management to professional agencies, and there are a lot of benefits to be had when using industry experts. Usually, the internal events team is very good at what it does, but there may be a few areas that may be difficult to handle for even the most consummate internal event organisers. Here we discuss a few situations where it may be advisable to get the help of a professional corporate event management company.


  1. A number of large, consecutive events: If the organisation is planning to have a number of large events following on close to each other, the internal events team may struggle to remain on top of things, especially if these events are in different towns, cities, or countries. An external corporate event management company can be extremely valuable in this situation – they can dedicate entire teams to certain selected events, or to all these events, and provide a great return on the investment. If the internal team is overloaded, the quality and success of their events are compromised, so some external support may mean the difference between an average event and a raging success.


  1. Short deadlines: Often, especially when an event has to be organised on a short deadline, it can be very tough to find venues and the right suppliers to provide what you need. If the internal team is struggling with this, the help of a professional agency may be needed. They have a wide range of contacts and spend a lot of time building working relationships with vendors and location managers. They will usually have a lot more success in finding the right venue and vendors within a short period of time.


  1. High-level production management: If the event involves complicated production, this can be a challenge for a small internal team, especially if the team is not entirely au fait with the new technology, such as newly launched audio-visual equipment. The professionals who spend their days in the industry are constantly updated with the new technology and new industry skills, which means that they can offer valuable support if they take charge of the event.


  1. Digital events: These events are largely experiential and can be daunting for an in-house corporate event management team to deal with. Because events management professionals are usually au fait with these types of events, they will know what works best, and will be able to organise and implement the aspects needed for a virtual audience. If mobile applications are needed, internal planners don’t have the time to learn all about the best mobile apps to use, how to use them, and for what..


  1. Lack of creativity: If the internal planning team is constantly kept busy with corporate events for the same company, they may end up doing the same type of events all the time. Sometimes, they are too busy to learn new industry skills, which means that their creativity may be challenged. Getting an external corporate event management team to deal with some events will provide a new and fresh perspective, and may (1) inspire your internal team with new ideas, (2) teach them new things about the industry and technology, and (3) motivate them to alter their way of seeing events. At the very least, they will be relieved that they did not have to do all the work!

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