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Why You Should Choose Moshate Events Management in Gauteng for Your Events

If you are currently planning any corporate events such as conferences, exhibitions, sport days, or award evenings, you will probably be tempted to do it all in-house with available staff. You may think that you are saving money this way, but think again! Your in-house expertise may not measure up to what is required for a successful event.  Organising and managing an event is quite a complicated affair. While you may think that you are saving money by not outsourcing your events management, the opposite is quite possibly true. When it comes to events, you need to contact the right suppliers to get the services and supplies you need. If you are pressed for time this can become a huge obstacle. It is best to consider outsourcing the events to a professional company that can ensure its success.

Moshate Communications is one of the highly sought after events management companies in Gauteng. We are true professionals that can offer you services that will help make your events even more memorable. Our clients enjoy the following benefits:


  • Qualified, experienced professionals: Because we have extremely high standards and deal with a wide variety of clients and events, we only employ people who are highly regarded in the industry. This means that their expertise and experience will be used during the organisation of your event. Our employees are well connected in the industry and can get things done within short timeframes and meet tight deadlines. There is no substitute for experience. We take full accountability for your events management in Gauteng.


  • Comprehensive approach: In addition to events management in Gauteng, we also provide you with a full 360-degree approach that includes public relations services, event marketing, advertising content creation, and media relations. We also have a design studio for the creation of your marketing materials and the ability to engage with the stakeholders who will benefit you the most with strategic communication. Our project management teams work on an integrated basis to ensure a fully functional solution that covers all aspects around your event. We strive to deliver successful events that are within your budget, brief and time.


  • Valuable contacts: Our professionals work hard to establish and maintain long term working relationships with many stakeholders in the industry, and we are therefore able to provide you with all the resources you need for a successful event. Because we have special arrangements with a lot of our providers, our clients get preferential treatment and discounts that would not apply if you did your events management in-house.


  • Level 1 B-Bbee certified company: Many companies in South Africa draw significant benefits from choosing BEE certified companies to work with. Because we believe in empowering our employees, we can provide our clients with certain advantages such as tax benefits. Our company is owned and managed by a team of highly committed black women who all work towards our common goal, and we choose our vendors and providers based on our value system.

If you are looking for the best events management company in Gauteng, you cannot go wrong with choosing Moshate Communications. We are committed to getting it right the first time, and the invaluable contacts we have gained in the industry puts our clients ahead of the competition when it comes to events. Give us a call today to find out more!


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