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Why Moshate Communications’ Event Planners Are the Best in the Business

Event planning is not for everyone. Some people excel at it naturally, while others, even with a relevant degree or diploma, will fall behind those who have the natural talent that extraordinary event planners require. People tend to think of event planners as people who have fun planning parties, but in reality, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than one might think. Professional event planners must have the ability to deal with all the challenges that come with event planning. They have to be able to deal with problems when they arise, even in the most challenging moments.

At Moshate Communications, we take a careful look at our potential event planning candidates, before we decide who to employ. While some people may have a natural flair for creativity and drama, others need to have precise planning skills and be able to solve problems. Here are some of the reasons why our event planners are considered some of the best in the business in South Africa today:


  • We Employ People with Different Abilities and Temperaments: It always helps to employ highly qualified people, who are skilled at organising events. While we do appoint qualified people, who will provide full accountability for your event, we need people to support them, which is why our people work in teams. That means that we have equally talented project managers, creatives, planners, organisers, and problem solvers. They all combine their various talents, in order to create the most successful and spectacular event solutions possible.


  • We Are BEE Certified: In South Africa, it is important to provide opportunities for previously disadvantaged people, and as a completely black-owned company, we offer all the benefits that a certified BEE company provides in the country today. You can receive tax breaks, and be associated with one of the most prominent BEE event planning names in the industry today.


  • We Love Our People: Because we are so passionate about empowering people, we aim to encourage them through training and coaching. We develop and hone the skills and professional goals of our event planners, to ensure that our employees are always on top of new developments in the industry, and that they remain highly motivated to provide you with the best service possible. This means that you have access to new knowledge, highly developed skills, and motivated event planners who love what they do.

If you want to work with a company that employs a highly skilled, experienced, knowledgeable, accountable, effective, and happy workforce, give our team a call to find out more. At Moshate Communications, our event planners are amped to get your project going, and to turn it into a memorable experience that exceeds your expectations!


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