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4 Ways in Which Conference and Events Organisers Save You Money on Events

Even after some recent improvements, the current economic climate is still not great, and yet it is still necessary for certain organisations to spend money on events in order to market their businesses. Often this means that less money is available to spend on the corporate event and some plans have to be made to prevent underperformance or an unsuccessful event. Often business managers try to save money by organising the event in-house, but this sometimes leads to disastrous events that are memorable for all the wrong reasons. Conference and events organisers are used to saving money and cutting corners for their clients where needed.  Here are some of the things they can do to save you money:

  1. Knowledge of industry costs and prices: Because professional conference and events organisers work with client budgets and events all the time, they have current knowledge of how much should be spent and on what. They are experts at controlling spending, know what their suppliers charge and how to manipulate the budget to get everything done within the financial scope.


  1. Get sponsors on board: Events organisers tend to have valuable industry contacts that can be approached to sponsor certain aspects of an event. There are many companies out there who need more recognition and cannot afford to spend heavily on marketing. Being able to sponsor parts of events provide them with exposure, and professional events organisers have all the skills to give them all the information they will need to make a commitment.


  1. Benefiting from industry contacts: Professional conference and events organisers spend a lot of time building and maintaining valuable relationships with a wide variety of suppliers, including venue managers. Usually one of the biggest expenses will be the venue, and if your conference planner has access to venue managers that they deal with on a regular basis, they may be able to negotiate significant discounts on the venue and other services. They also have contact with guest speakers and generally have good ideas about who to approach to speak at the conference while staying in budget to provide you with additional cost savings.


  1. Varied catering options: There are many ways in which you can save on catering, and one of these is to offer a buffet instead of a sit down meal. At exhibitions, it is common for different companies to provide their own catering at a discounted cost directly to the customers. This means that you don’t have to pay for the food, a catering company gets more business, your customers eat for less, and there is a variety of food stalls to choose from.

If you are looking for more tips on saving money on your event by using professional conference and events organisers, give our talented team at Moshate Communications a call!


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