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Organising a Conference? Use a Professional Conference Organiser!

If your company is taking on the task of organising a conference for internal employees or management, or especially for external delegates, you may feel that some extra help is needed. Most companies that have internal communications and event organisers sometimes need professional help to ensure that their event is goal driven and that the objectives of the conference are achieved.

It is not only about getting as many delegates as possible to attend the conference; it is also about the content, the conference management, the venue, and the entertainment value. Ultimately, it is about the experience you provide for your delegates. People tend to remember experiences they enjoy, and a professional conference organiser can ensure that your delegates will enjoy a conference that is highly memorable for all the right reasons.

There are various reasons to employ the services of a professional conference organiser. These include:

  • Conceptualising and objectives: Even though it sometimes becomes clear that an event or conference is needed, the objectives of the conference are not always very clear. A good professional conference organiser knows that the starting point of all events is always the objectives and goals that need to be achieved by hosting the event in the first place. He or she will help you to establish clear goals that can be tracked throughout, and the extent to which these objectives have been met can also provide a clear picture of how successful the conference was.
  • Effective project management: Not everyone is a born project manager, and often if an internal person is assigned the responsibility of organising the conference, he or she also has additional tasks to complete in their usual working capacity. A professional conference organiser project manages the entire process from beginning to end, and there is no need to constantly check on what is happening and what still needs to be done. Most professional conference organisers work in a team with others to ensure that all the various aspects of the conference are taken care of and that resources are provided on time.
  • Cost and time savings: While a lot of business managers consider the contracting of a professional conference organiser an added expense, it is actually possible to save money. Industry professionals who organise events and conferences have a long list of contacts – they work very hard to establish working relationships with other providers and vendors in the industry, and they can often negotiate better rates. Your conference may be given priority over another event due to the recurrent use of the supplier’s services by your professional conference organiser, and you may get the venues and the dates a lot easier than if you chose to do it by yourself.
  • Useful Industry knowledge: A professional conference organiser is familiar with most of the venues and locations around their area, and sometimes around the country. They also know what is possible to do at which venues, and which places would be best suited to the conference you have in mind. Accommodation options, catering, breakout rooms, conference halls – they all play a role, and your professional conference organiser will have his or her finger on the pulse of new or suitable venues.

If you are looking for a great professional conference organiser to make your conference run like clockwork, speak to our team at Moshate Communications. Call us today to find out more about how we can help your event be a great success.


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