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3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Professional Event Management Services in Gauteng

Most people or businesses in Gauteng, or anywhere else for that matter, need some help when it comes to the organisation of corporate events or even special or cultural events. A lot of the time, people opt to outsource the entire event to professional event management services in Gauteng or Johannesburg. It is always essential that the most suitable company is chosen to provide the desired event management services, and because there are so many events management companies and events management professionals in Gauteng that boast about the services they offer, it could be difficult to choose.

Sometimes, grave mistakes are made, which could render the entire event a flop, so it is important to be very well-informed when choosing the event management services in Gauteng that will work the best for your business or organisation, or your event.

There are some common pitfalls when it comes to choosing a professional or company that provide event management services, and these include the following:

  1. Inexperienced Events Management Companies/Professionals: It seems that a lot of people underestimate the complexity of events management, and sometimes people think just because they managed to organise their cousin’s wedding properly, they have the making of a good events manager, and then open up a business. Because there is so much work in the events industry today, especially in Gauteng, it is vital to find the professional or events management services company that has the correct experience.

    We have a very diverse set of events here in South Africa, and a lot of these may include cultural events that have certain protocols, requirements, and ceremonies. An events organiser that is not experienced in these particular events may make huge mistakes that can completely throw the event off-track. Ensure that you approach and interview only the event management services in Gauteng that have a lot of experience in the type of event you would like to have. There are even those who specialise in certain types of events. Make sure you do some research first, and choose people with enough experience.

  1. Not Having a Plan: You need to discuss your event with a few companies first, and allow them to pitch for the event. The first things to discuss would be the plan and ultimate objectives for the event. Brainstorm beforehand to ensure that you and your staff, who brief the events management services company, are able to carry across clearly what your vision and objectives are for the event. When they do pitch for the job, it must be clear from the brief that they have a very good understanding of the outcomes and objectives of the event. This will help them to put the right measures and people in place to make the event a success.

  1. Not Marketing Enough: Event management services in Gauteng should ideally be able to market and advertise your event, and if possible, also do the necessary media liaison and PR. It is vital that people know about your event, and therefore getting it out into the public domain (if needed) can make a huge difference. Ideally, the event management services in Gauteng you choose should be able to provide all the services needed to plan, organise, market, and manage your event. Otherwise, you may have to involve an external marketing or PR firm, and this just makes things more complicated than it should be.

If you are looking for event management services in Gauteng that can provide you with a 360-degree service that includes everything you need, give our team at Moshate Communications a call today!


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