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In order for you to plan relevant networking experiences at your conferences and media events, you have to be focussed, to the point of obsession, on your target audience. There are many ways in which to analyse who your best customers, clients, and attendees are. By making sure the correct people are attending your media events, you can start forging a reputation in the industry as a player that hosts events where professionals can come together and network successfully.

So how do you determine who your target audience should be for your next premium media event? There are a few ways. Ask yourself:

  • Which attendees have the budget to secure attendance?
  • Who are the economic buyers that your exhibitors and buyers value the most?
  • How does event attendance impact spend and retention for other services and products?
  • Which segments are driving change and tackling the biggest challenges in your industry?

Offering Your Audience Something of Value

Once you’ve determined who you’re targeting, the next phase of your planning should be to attract the audience to your media event. Most successful conferences offer some type of learning opportunities for attendees these days. From roundtable discussions and informal peer networking, to formal panel discussions and expert lectures, there are many opportunities to help your attendees learn new things.

Conferences are designed to help deliver as much information as possible to attendees. Today, media events are focussed on distributing content through both unusual and traditional formats, including TED-style talks, deep dives, panels, and talk show formats. Offering your attendees the chance to network with fellow professionals and learn something new, will ensure that you continue to attract the correct crowds for your media events. It also ensures that your events remain must-attend experiences.

Trust Moshate Communications with Expert Media Events Planning

Of course, if you aren’t sure or confident in knowing what goes into successful media events planning, you can leave it to the seasoned professionals. We are a PR and strategic business communication agency, specialising in brand communications and events management. Our team provides clients with an integration communication and management service solution, specialising in media relations, exhibitions, events, and stakeholder management.

Our aim has always been to bring our clients closer to their respective audiences, and to help them manage their brand’s reputation with actionable and truly creative strategies. Rest assured that we provide a complete turnkey events management service. This acts as a one-stop shop for your company’s complete eventing needs. Through our vast events management experience, we plan and design engagements that aid our clients in informing, influencing, and entertaining their audiences.

Creative Conceptualising and Designing of Marketing Material

Throughout the years, we’ve perfected our service solutions. Our specialisation in events management services extends to creative conceptualisation, theme development, marketing material and invitation design, corporate identity, and RSVP management, as well as venue and onsite management. These are only a few of the ways in which we breathe life into your events.

We plan events that inspire interactions, and create opportunities both for our clients and their attendees. Our team helps you target the correct audience, and to deliver events that satisfy your audience’s appetite for relevant and enriching experiences. Rest assured that we value communication and collaboration, and that we’ll include you in the arrangements of your event at every step.

Contact us to learn more about our exceptional service, and to learn how our media events planning solutions can help you pull off a professional and successful experience. We look forward to helping you bring your event to life, and making a lasting impact on your attendees.


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