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If you are organising an event that is important for your business, such as a product launch, conference or exhibition, it is really important that you choose well when it comes to event management companies in SA. Not all of them can deliver what they promise, and if you want a good return on your investment, you will have to employ a really effective selection strategy when it comes to choosing the right event management company to deal with your business needs. Partnering with the most effective agency is invaluable – while choosing the wrong one can damage your brand and your bottom line.

Here are some tips to help you choose between event management companies in SA:

  • Experience: Because the events industry in South Africa (and especially in Gauteng) is becoming more popular than ever before, it is essential to tap into the talent and knowledge available in the area. The top event management companies in SA are able to remain on trend with whatever is happening in the industry, because they have years and years of experience with dealing with this ever-changing industry. If you go in-house, you won’t necessarily have access to this knowledge, as internal departments seldom have the same amount of experience as event managements companies that have been organising events on a day-to-day basis for years.
  • Crucial expertise: Events management companies in SA quite often possess expertise that the usual in-house department won’t have. Usually, an internal department will only focus on the needs of the organisation, and as a result, they tend to lose focus in terms of the resources out there and the new trends. When choosing event management companies in SA, it is vital that you focus on the organisations that can provide the types of events that you need.
  • Highly qualified: While in the past, event managers only needed to possess attention to detail, creativity and relationship savvy, there are now recognised courses that are very effective at breeding a whole new generation of event management professionals. The courses are qualifications that are fluid and in touch with the current markets and its movements, and if you choose a professional from an event management company in SA with the necessary qualifications, you can be assured that the project manager they assign to your event has had relevant training and possesses these qualifications. Not many event managers are great at organising any type of event, and often, it is crucial for you to find the person that is best qualified and experienced in your particular project needs.
  • Insurance needs: This is something that doesn’t immediately cross the mind when it comes to event management. The truth of the matter is that insurance is crucial. Often, this area is overlooked, and a result, losses are suffered. The usual practice for event management companies in SA is to be fully aware of the description and goals of the event, and whoever is involved has to be covered by an adequate insurance policy. It is vital that the required insurance needs are met, regardless of the situation. A good event management company will be able to ensure that their clients are covered when things don’t quite work out as expected.

If you would like to know more about how event management companies in SA operate and how to ensure that you get the most from the company you choose, give our team at Moshate Communications a call. We are always on standby and look forward to helping your business pull off an event that will be remembered for all the right reasons.


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