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How Great Events Management in Gauteng Could Boost the South African Economy

It is no secret that the events management industry has become rather big in South Africa. Many people consider Gauteng to be the conference capital of Africa. Johannesburg and Pretoria, in particular, are hubs for conferences, exhibitions, and meetings. Most events held by international businesses use companies that specialise in events management to plan, organise, and manage their functions. The big challenge is to draw attention to local events and all the resources we have available. Gauteng can actually be described as one of the best gateways to boosting the tourism industry and the influx of business people. Gaining the attention of international businesses through high-quality events management companies can largely benefit the South African economy.

The potential for growth is huge. In terms of marketing, companies have to think outside the box, or even better, get rid of the box entirely. Generally speaking, most of the marketing efforts by industry experts are directed locally, but they can also bring various opportunities to connect with an international market. Even just marketing in prominent countries in Africa could spread awareness about the quality of professional events management in Gauteng and encourage more people to host their meetings and functions in South Africa.

Another way companies can take advantage when planning an international event is to focus on logistical problems. It can be very expensive to host an international event, but having an event planner in Gauteng who can plan and put together the entire function can make the process easier and more affordable for the event host.

Government organisations, such as the South African National Convention Bureau, could also be approached for assistance. As it is part of their mandate to promote South African events as much as possible internationally, they need the owners of events management companies in the country to work with them. The aim is to work together to improve the marketing strategies of events management companies and to ultimately gain more global interest and help improve the country’s economy.  Working together is therefore imperative. The owners of events management companies have to widen their focus and include similar organisations as well. We all have to work hard to advance the various local businesses together. before we are able to benefit as individual organisations.

Innovative thinking is another tool that can contribute to boosting the local economy. While the South African economy is growing relatively fast, the events industry can assist with growth by hosting trade shows or exhibitions that familiarise local and international delegates with new innovations and developments we use here. The use of new technology can create new experiences during meetings and can go a long way towards showing potential for exploration and growth throughout the country.

In order to boost the economy and benefit from this growth, events management companies in Gauteng have to keep reminding potential international clients of the large range of offerings and services that we can provide locally. It is imperative for events management professionals and companies to become more visible at international trade shows and to remain active in that arena. We need to prove that we can provide a good return on investment and that we are able to organise functions that can rival events anywhere else in the world. We need to ensure that South Africa draw international interest and will continue to do so for a long time.

If you would like to know more about professional events management in Gauteng and how your company can benefit from this, give our team at Moshate Communications a call for more information.


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