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How Competition is Affecting Event Planning Companies in South Africa

 It is no secret that Johannesburg is now being considered by many companies and individuals all over the world as the conference capital of Africa. There are many reasons for this:

  • Great Weather: Here, the climate is pleasant practically all year round, even in winter.
  • African Romance: Most international clients, who book conferences through event planning companies in South Africa, are after that particular African ambience and charm. They like the indigenous foods, people, history, and overall colourfulness of country. There is a good reason that this country is called the Rainbow Nation. This is quite evident in places, such as Gauteng and Cape Town, where many different cultures come together.
  • Nature: Many event planning companies in South Africa rely on the desire of international and local attendees at events to appreciate the wildness of African nature. There is no escaping it. Even with only a 30-minute drive from one of the busiest financial hubs on the African continent, you can encounter game reserves that contain the Big Five. This is a huge drawcard when it comes to the marketing potential of event planning companies in South Africa.
  • Human Origin: It is said and believed by experts that humankind originated in South Africa. Here, just outside of Johannesburg, we have the Cradle of Humankind, where it is said that the entire human race originated from. One cannot help but be fascinated by this aspect, and when event planning companies in South Africa pitch ideas to international bookers, this is one of the major drawcards.

Because the events planning and conferencing industry in this area has taken off so much, there are now a lot more event planning companies in South Africa that can serve both international and local clients. This means that they are always competing against each other for business, and, as a result, a lot of advances have been made in this particular industry. The competition gives the prospective client the following advantages:

  • More Event Planning Companies in South Africa to Choose From: There is a wide variety of companies that all have their specific areas that they focus on. This means that whatever the client has in mind, there will be some companies that are able to provide them with the event they wanted.
  • Special or Cultural Events: These are particularly sensitive events locally. There are certain customs and ceremonies that need to be followed, which the event planning company has to know in order to get it right. They need to be creative, and ensure that the client is satisfied with the way things have been done.
  • Stronger Companies: Because there are so many event planning companies in South Africa, only the best tend to survive. The companies that do not offer superb standards of work often do not make it in the industry, and the companies that do survive in such a highly competitive environment are the ones that are worth considering.
  • Better Expertise and Professionalism: The top companies all employ experts in the industry. They have a lot of experience, knowledge, and creativity, which allows them to pull together challenging and difficult events. They are also expert project managers, planners, and organisers, and they provide full accountability for the event before, during, and after.

Moshate Communications is one of the best event planning companies in South Africa. We stand strong amidst a lot of competition, because we know the landscape of this industry. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you create a spectacular event!


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