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Why International Clients Should Outsource To an Event Management Company in Johannesburg

Events can be tricky things to organise, especially when it comes to corporate events, and other events that will make a real difference to the bottom line of the business. Often, people have their own corporate events, such as internal conferences, and other times, companies prefer to have conferences or exhibitions that will draw external clients at a fee, in order to give businesses a chance to show off their products, services, or brands to specific target markets in the industry.

Gauteng has earned a reputation as one of the most popular conferencing destinations in the world, and the reasons for this are easy to see. Overseas clients with strong currencies, such as the Euro and the GBP (the Pound Sterling), can get great value for money, and if they choose the right event management company in Johannesburg to help conceptualise, plan, organise, and manage the event, the event is very likely to be a huge success.

There are, however, many times that people are not quite sure whether they should outsource their event to an event management company in Johannesburg, or whether they should stick to doing all the planning and organising with internal staff. This can mean the difference between a highly successful event, and one that is just so-so.

Here are some times when outsourcing to an event management company in Johannesburg is crucial:

  • International Clients: It is very difficult to organise a conference or event between two countries. Most of the time, internal staff have never been to South Africa and are not sure what they are dealing with, what the venues look like and what reputations conferencing establishments have. They may also not be sure where the venue is in relation to the airports and roads, and the geography of the place may completely evade them.

Getting hold of suppliers can be even more challenging if they have no knowledge of who can provide what, and it can take ages to find the right suppliers. They may also end up choosing the wrong suppliers, and the event may turn into a flop. Choosing an event management company in Johannesburg helps to solve all these problems.

It means that they are connected to a group of professionals at ground level, as well as people who know the landscape, venues, and people to connect with, and who also have a full list of industry connections that vary from transport companies for transfers to a range of suppliers that are able to provide just about anything the event needs to be a success. It also means that they can tap into the industry experience of the professionals at the event management company in Johannesburg, and rest assured that they are able to provide great value for money.

  • Too Few Hands on Deck: Even if you have highly qualified internal event organisers who are well-versed with the conference venues in Gauteng, it will take more than one person to organise an event. Handing it over to one or two people with limited experience in event management, especially in Gauteng, will turn into disaster. A whole team of people should be involved. They should not only be able to conceptualise, organise, and manage the event, but also be able to promote and market the event to the correct people. Marketing is not that important if it is a company conference for employees or management, but being able to plan and organise properly is of the utmost importance.

  • Marketing and PR: If you are responsible for an event, you will know that having the right people there is very important. This is not only valid for customers, but also speakers and presenters. If a client wants an event to be expertly marketed, and media liaison to take place with the correct local and international sources, it is important to involve an event management company in Johannesburg that has the capacity and capability to market, advertise, and handle PR for the event at ground level and higher up.

Speakers are also more willing to attend conferences if they feel confident that the event will benefit them and the people that they speak to, and because any event management company worth its salt has a book of presenters and speakers that are suited to different types of events, the chances of getting the best speakers are much better when using professional event planners in Gauteng.

For more information, and for truly professional event management in Gauteng or Johannesburg, call our team at Moshate Communications today!


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