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Marketing is an essential part of any business, and conferences and events form part of the marketing strategy for many companies. There is a lot more to organising events than people think, and often, it is vital that a professional events company take care of the arrangements and planning, in order to create an event that is memorable and successful.

All events should have a set of goals or expectations, and these should be reached in order to deem the event a success. A badly organised event can damage the reputation of a company or brand irrevocably, which is to be avoided at all costs. Brining your guests or employees to an event that doesn’t fulfil expectations can cause havoc, and if you are planning to have an event in Johannesburg, it is best to seek out the experts.

Johannesburg is known as the conference and event capital of Africa, and for this reason, there are many different event management businesses in the area. It is, however, essential that you choose a company in Johannesburg that understands your goals and objectives, and one that can fulfil your expectations and help you to meet your goals. It is also best if they are able to measure to which extent these expectations have been fulfilled and how successfully the goals were met after the event.

But how do you choose an events company in Johannesburg that suits all your particular needs? Once you have made a list of a few companies that seem good, consider the following:

  • Levels of experience: Because there are so many new companies starting out in Gauteng, it is best to stick to the guys that have a proven track record. While a newer, smaller company may be cheaper, experience counts for a lot more. Choose the companies that have a wealth of expertise and have built a good reputation in the industry. It is important that the company you choose is completely up to date with the new developments in the industry, and is able to conceive creative ideas that can boost the profile of your event.
  • Vital expertise: The more experienced companies will usually have a stable of experts, and this means that you have access to knowledge and experience that will benefit your event. The elite companies, such as Moshate Communications, have a whole range of resources and expertise at their fingertips, meaning that they are able to pull off miraculous events at the drop of a hat. They are familiar with all the new developments in the industry, and go all out to prove their worth to their clients. Expertise is vital – but remaining in touch with new trends can mean the difference between a great event and a flop.
  • Qualifications: Events companies in Johannesburg have to employ people who have the necessary qualifications, and are at the top of their game. Events managers don’t only need a keen eye for detail; they also need the knowledge gained from proper training and qualifications, in order to let them do their jobs properly. Relationship savvy and high levels of creativity, combined with a sense of order and planning, will enable your event to become one of the prime events of the year. 
  • Insurance: This is not something that everybody immediately considers when looking for the ideal company to help them in Johannesburg, but it is certainly worth a thought. Insurance is a vital component of a good event, to ensure that losses are reimbursed. Usually, your events company has to carry insurance and be fully congniscent of the goals and opportunities presented by the event that they are organising. There has to be insurance to ensure that things go according to plan and that compensation can be gained, should things go wrong.

If you are looking for a superb events company in Johannesburg, contact our team at Moshate Communications for more information.


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