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The term “brand activation” is a fairly new term, but the concept is actually quite old. Often, people see this term as just another useless marketing buzzword that a brand activations company throws around to confuse their clients, and to look smart. In reality, it is a very clever concept, and one that can make a huge difference in the performance of your brand in the marketplace.

What is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is usually the most crucial step for the launch of a new brand or business. If nobody knows that the brand or business exists, they cannot invest in it, or use its services or products, and ultimately, the brand will fail. Brand activation is a process during which the presence, personality, function, and advantages of a particular brand are announced to the marketplace. Brand activation creates visibility of the brand, and gets it into the faces of potential consumers. A new brand is lifeless, and it needs to be “activated” to get it going, and to stimulate the interest of consumers. A good brand activation company is crucial when a new brand is launched in order to give life to the brand.

Brand activation is not only for new brands, however. Existing brands that need new life breathed into them also use brand activation to rebrand and relaunch the brand back into the marketplace, to change the mindsets of existing customers towards the new brand identity, and to help gain traction in the marketplace.

Is Brand Activation Not Just Brand Marketing?

Yes, brand activation is a part of marketing, but focuses on a particular part of marketing. Brand marketing usually focuses on all the marketing processes that keep the brand going on a daily basis through promotion and marketing via various media. Brand activation focuses specifically on moving the brand from one state to another, an improved state. Often, the importance of brand activation is overlooked by internal marketing teams, and employing the use of a good brand activations company to kickstart a brand, or to relaunch an existing brand, can make the difference between success and failure of the brand.

How Would a Brand Activations Company “Activate” a Brand?

There are various things that can be done to activate a brand. Experiential marketing has become one of the most popular and successful activation strategies. Sampling can give the potential consumer an opportunity to sample the brand, and to get used to using it. Brand activation inside retail spaces and stores can also help. This can take any type of format; from the person who stands in a supermarket cooking a new product and providing enticing samples to taste, to visible and audible promotions of a particular product.

The long and the short of it is that if you need brand activation, you need a brand activations company that truly understands your brand and its market. The brand activations company you choose to use must be able to bring your brand and the most suitable customers together with the campaign they design.

If you are in the process of launching a new brand, or want to reactivate an existing brand, give our professionals at Moshate Communications a call to find out how we can help you with brand activation.


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