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Steps to Choosing an Exhibitions Company

  20.03.2018   Administrator   Articles

4 Steps to Choosing an Exhibitions Company to Plan and Organise Your Exhibition It is quite unusual nowadays for companies to organise their own exhibitions, unless they employ a number

Corporate Event Management – Occasions For Outsourcing

  20.03.2018   Administrator   Articles

5 Occasions for Which You Should Outsource to a Corporate Event Management Company A lot of companies used to have their own corporate event management team that was responsible for

Successful Events Management and Planning

  20.03.2018   Administrator   Articles

6 Tips for Successful Events Management and Planning It isn’t easy to put together an event that is memorable and successful. A lot of planning, preparation, and time go into

Professional Conference Organiser

  26.02.2018   Administrator   Articles

Organising a Conference? Use a Professional Conference Organiser! If your company is taking on the task of organising a conference for internal employees or management, or especially for external delegates,

BEE Events Management Company

  26.02.2018   Administrator   Articles

How Working with a Certified BEE Events Management Company Benefits Your Business The business landscape over the last two decades has shifted enormously, and one of the biggest changes throughout

BEE Public Relations Company

  26.02.2018   Administrator   Articles

How Working with a Certified BEE Public Relations Company Can Help You The empowerment of previously disadvantaged people has been on the agenda of the South African government since 1994

Conference and Events Organisers

  29.01.2018   Administrator   Articles

Strong Gauteng Conference Scene Boosts Healthy Competition Amongst Conference and Events Organisers  There has never been a better time to have a conference in Gauteng, or, for that matter, anywhere

Let Media Events Planners Help You When it is Needed Most

  29.01.2018   Administrator   Articles

Media events are always planned for a particular reason – and usually, it is to shift the opinion of the audience into a particular direction, to break specific news, or

What a Good PR & Communications Company Can Do for You

  29.01.2018   Administrator   Articles

Often, when a message must be conveyed to a group of people regarding an event, a brand or a particular issue, it is necessary to use the media. This is

The Importance of Outsourcing Your Corporate Event Planning

  14.12.2017   Administrator   Articles

A lot of business managers consider corporate events the domain of internal staff – even if they do not have an internal event planner! Often, an internal staff member, like

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