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Why You Should Outsource Your Events to a Black-Owned Events Company in Gauteng

It is a fact that BEE (or Black Economic Empowerment) is an important part of business in South Africa today. Not only does it have a hand in governing who you employ for your own business, but it also has an effect on the types of companies you use as suppliers and vendors. If you regularly plan or organise events, there are various reasons why you should choose a black-owned events company over others that are not that way inclined.

What is BEE?

In order to correct the injustices of apartheid, the South African Government implemented measures to address the issue of inequality in the workplace when the ANC came into power. This included Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), which particularly focused on previously disadvantaged demographics, such as black women. The act was set out to motivate previously disadvantaged people, such as black people and women to enter the workplace and management positions, as well as ownership of business.

The business environment has been radically transformed as a result. There are now multiple benefits for companies that choose BEE-certified or black-owned companies as suppliers or contractors, and as a result, black-owned events companies in Gauteng became very popular. A lot of other companies have also had to redefine their employment strategies and procedures to become more BEE compliant, and this means that more black people and women have to be employed, and that a certain ratio of management should come from the previously disadvantaged demographic.

BEE compliance provides companies with a range of benefits, such as tax concessions and preferred supplier status, and they also enjoy other advantages when working with a black-owned events company in Gauteng or anywhere else in the country. There are different levels of compliance, and Moshate Communications is a black-owned events company in Gauteng that has delivered outstanding service to many different top-tier clients across the country.

About Moshate Communications

Because this company is completely owned and managed by a number of black females, who have a strong commitment to the business and ethics, we qualify for Level 1 BEE status. We care deeply about the work environment and the development of our professionals, and choose to provide opportunities that empower people, especially women.

We have also put policies in place to ensure that we maintain our Level 1 BEE status, and we ensure that the people who work for us have a strong understanding of what BEE entails, and the benefits that this brings. We strive to be an example for other companies that are working towards Level 1 BEE certification, and in addition to this, we provide outstanding services and results for any client.

If you are looking for a black-owned events company in Gauteng, Moshate Communications should be your go-to events organisers. In addition to being Level 1 BEE certified, we also provide a holistic approach to events with a 360-degree service that includes the conceptualisation, planning, organising, promoting, management, PR, and marketing for your event. Give our very enthusiastic team a call today to discuss your event needs, and we will ensure that your event is spectacular.


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