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Working with a Black-Owned Events Company in Gauteng Benefits your Business!

If you have a corporate event in the pipeline, and are looking for an events management company to help with the conceptualisation, planning, and organisation of an event, you may want to consider a black-owned events company in Gauteng. With the new affirmative action laws in this country, there are several benefits to tap into when working with a BBEEE-certified company. Moshate Communications is owned and directed by black women and fully BEE-certified.

Over the last twenty years, the business and industry landscapes have shifted quite significantly after the introduction of affirmative action, which has been one of the biggest industry changes to ever take place in this country. The Black Economic Empowerment Act was introduced to address inequalities in the workforce, and to empower previously disadvantaged people that were not able to own and manage successful businesses during the apartheid government.

The main objective of this act is to ensure that black people are encouraged to start and own companies, and to provide and expedite employment opportunities for other previously disadvantaged people. All companies are affected by this act, and this becomes evident when new directors or managers are employed or promoted, tenders are applied for, and the choice of suppliers and vendors, such as black-owned events companies, not just in Gauteng, but also all over South Africa.

In order to encourage companies to become BEE-compliant, several benefits are available. Often, tax breaks are provided, depending on the level of BEE compliance that is achieved. This is mostly determined by the number of previously disadvantaged people that are part of the ownership, directorship, senior management, junior management, and employees of the company. Moshate Communications is a completely black-owned events company in Gauteng, because the company is owned exclusively by black women who started the company from scratch.

This also means that Moshate Communications is Level 1 BEEE compliant, and anybody who chooses us to plan, organise, and manage their events will be able to gain from the legislative benefits available. We have made a huge effort to gain this compliance, and had to work hard to comply with the regulations, as required by the governing bodies of BEE certification. Because of this, we always find ways to improve the lives of our employees by providing professional training and development, as well as opportunities that will not be easy to find elsewhere.

Why You Should Choose Moshate Communications as Your Black-owned Events Company in Gauteng

One of the reasons you should choose to work with us is because we are black-owned and BEE compliant, but this is most definitely not the only reason. We are true experts in the industry, and one of the only black-owned events companies in Gauteng that can provide you with a fully comprehensive approach when it comes to your events planning and organisation.

Not only do we help our clients to form accurate and executable concepts, and set achievable objectives for their events, but our professionals can also manage the guest list, RSVP services, marketing, social media, and other PR-related activities. We even have a graphic design department that can assist with modern and eye-catching graphics work around the clock.

If you are looking to work with a truly exceptional black-owned events company in Gauteng, we are the obvious choice. Give our professional team a call today to discuss your needs!


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