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How Working with a Certified BEE Public Relations Company Can Help You

The empowerment of previously disadvantaged people has been on the agenda of the South African government since 1994 when the ANC became the ruling party. Black Economic Empowerment, now applied throughout businesses in SA, was introduced to correct some of the imbalances that were promoted by the apartheid system, and the objective of this incentive is to encourage previously disadvantaged members of the South African society (such as black people and women) to become more active in the management and owning of businesses. Most companies now ensure that they meet the BEE requirements to some extent, including public relations company.

As a result, the business landscape has been radically transformed by a variety of legislative rules that now govern how businesses are managed and owned in the country. Black Economic Empowerment is playing a great role here, and it has become increasingly important for the decision-makers in business to be aware of how BEE affects their own businesses, as well as the businesses they choose to do business with. There is a number of BEE levels of certification, and factors such as the number of black people in management, black business owners, black female directors, and various other factors determine to which degree BEE certificates will be awarded.

Many companies who need a PR agency now ensure that they deal with a BEE public relations agency, because there are benefits to be had from doing business with a business which is B-BBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) registered. If you choose a certified BEE public relations company to handle your PR and communications, your company will be able to claim tax relief and pay less in levies. This means that if you only choose to do business with certified BEE companies, your overall tax spend will be less, and you can enjoy more advantages offered by the government.

In addition, it also means that you will be assisting in the empowerment of companies who strive to provide work for previously disadvantaged workers, and give them opportunities to be trained, developed, and prepared for a better career with a better income. Most companies nowadays include some form of BEE compliance in their company policies and mission statements, because it enables them to draw benefit from this arrangement.

How Moshate Communications can help

Because Moshate Communications is a public relationships company that is Level 1 B-BEE certified, we provide you with more than just outstanding work. We decided to apply for our BEE certification to allow our employees to work in a more empowering environment, and to provide our clients with all the benefits that working with a certified BEE public relations company can offer. We always work towards ensuring that our employees and co-workers are familiar with the various aspects of BEE, and we work together to be a cohesive example to other businesses that want to get certified.

Our BEE public relations company is owned and managed by a number of highly committed black females who share a common vision for the organisation, and a passion for the industry in which we work. We strongly believe in real empowerment of our own employees, ourselves, our customers, and others. We focus on creating great opportunities for our own business, as well as others throughout the industry by choosing our suppliers and vendors based on their BEE ratings as well.

If you are keen to find out more about why you should use our public relations company for your PR and communications, give our friendly team at Moshate Communications a call today.


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