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How Working with a Certified BEE Events Management Company Benefits Your Business

The business landscape over the last two decades has shifted enormously, and one of the biggest changes throughout all industries has been the introduction of the Black Economic Empowerment Act. This act was introduced by the South African government in order to address the imbalances caused by the apartheid government. The act focuses on empowering people who were previously disadvantaged, and the aims of the act is to encourage and expedite the employment and participation of black people throughout the business in the country.

BEE is something that no business owner or business manager can ignore, and it has become the basis for decisions made when it comes to tenders, appointment of employees and managers, and choosing the services of suppliers and other services, including BEE events managements companies.

Most companies in the country today strive to achieve some type of B-BBEE (Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment) certification not only in order to help to empower previously disadvantaged people, but also to enjoy various benefits that come with working with a BEE certified company. This means that if you need some type of service performed, such as PR, communications, or events management, the wisest choice would be to select a BEE events management company that has already been certified.

At Moshate Communications, we have worked hard to attain our level 1 B-BBEE certification, and we are now one of the few level 1 B-BBEE events companies in Gauteng. Our company is owned by highly committed black women who all have a shared passion for the industry and a strong vision for the business. We strive to empower our employees at all times, and we require our employees to have a good understanding of the concepts of BEE, so that they can become part of the implementation, maintenance, and improvement of the BEE concept, and incorporate related policies in their working lives.

What is B-BBEE certification?

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment has to be achieved according to certain regulations as set out by the South African Government. There are several levels of B-BBEE certification that apply to all companies, and our BEE events management company complies with enough of these to have attained a level 1 certification. Certain factors determine the level of certification, such as the number of black owners, female directors or managers, number of black employees, and many more.

When other businesses or companies work with a BEE events management company or any other BEE certified company, they can enjoy a variety of benefits, such as reduced levies and breaks on certain taxes. The more BEE certified suppliers, service providers, contractors, and other companies that are used, the better the benefits. Business managers and owners also draw some satisfaction from working with BEE certified companies (and even getting BEE certified themselves), in order to become part of the solution to empower previously disadvantaged people by providing employment, development, training, and opportunities for them.

Choose Moshate Communications as Your BEE Events Management Company

Because we are black owned and operated, we have achieved a high level of B-BBEE status. We are all industry experts and we are passionate about the industry and our business. We employ our teams of events managers based on their experience, skills, and creativity, and if you choose us to be your BEE events management company, you can always be assured of the most successful events around.

In addition to being a well-respected BEE events management company, we also provide a full range of services that includes everything from planning your event to managing the communications, PR, and marketing and measuring of your event. We strive at all times to provide our customers with the best and we are well connected within the industry, which means that we are able to negotiate discounts.

If you are looking for a BEE events management company to take care of your event, call us and find out how we can turn your event into a raging success.


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