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How to Choose the Best Company in Johannesburg for Your Events

  17.05.2017   Administrator   Articles

Marketing is an essential part of any business, and conferences and events form part of the marketing strategy for many companies. There is a lot more to organising events than

Exhibition Companies to Get Your Brand Ahead of Your Competition

  12.04.2017   Administrator   Articles

Most companies tend to take part in a variety of corporate events every year, and these normally include exhibitions, trade shows, and other events that will bring attention to their

Why You Should Outsource Your PR Management

  12.04.2017   Administrator   Articles

Usually, when it comes to public relations, companies try to keep costs as low as possible. They have to choose between investing inside the company or outside of it, and

Why You Need a Public Relations Company

  12.04.2017   Administrator   Articles

There are a lot of companies that choose to do their own in-house public relations, but if you don’t have an internal department that is composed of professional public relations

Professional Event Companies in Johannesburg

  14.03.2017   Administrator   Articles

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Events to Professional Event Companies in Johannesburg  If you are planning to host a high-profile event, such as a conference, exhibition, or even a product

Are You Looking for One of the Best Event Management Companies in SA?

  14.03.2017   Administrator   Articles

If you are organising an event that is important for your business, such as a product launch, conference or exhibition, it is really important that you choose well when it

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your PR to a Media Company

  14.03.2017   Administrator   Articles

Many business managers ask themselves whether it would make more sense to employ media and public relations staff in-house, or whether these functions should be outsourced to a media company.

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