5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your PR to a Media Company

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Many business managers ask themselves whether it would make more sense to employ media and public relations staff in-house, or whether these functions should be outsourced to a media company. There are pros and cons to both of these, and it really depends on the business and its need for well-managed PR and promotion.

Costs can be lower when you opt for in-house, but this means that you have to have enough PR tasks to keep all the staff busy, in order to get value for your money. Those who are on the brink of deciding, may consider the benefits of outsourcing the PR and promotions to an external media company. They may be able to bring skills to the table that an internal department may not necessarily have.

There are many benefits associated with employing a media company, and these include:

  1. Knowledge and experience: If you deal with a media company, you have access to experienced individuals with the right talent. Because the PR and media industry is so intensely competitive, the professionals who work in this world work hard to remain on top of current trends, and they expand their portfolios on a constant basis. This means that they also work hard at building relationships with the media stakeholders that can benefit your brand. They have media contacts, they are aware of who does what, and who to deal with in order to reach specific targets.
  1. Better brand presence: Because a top media company has already made all the contacts and knows all the industry trends and secrets, they are able to help your business to establish the presence and reputation that you need in your industry. A good media company is able to put some good storytellers on your side that can help to analyse your business strategies, and find the positive ideas that need to be carried over to the consumer. They can help to build positive stories that will interest the media, as well as potential customers. Brand visibility is crucial – the more recognised your product or brand becomes, the more consumers you will have.
  1. Better return on investment: When you spend money on a campaign, you need it to work, and you need proof that it worked. Usually, we measure this through sales, but keep in mind that there are other ways of calculating your return on investment. Nowadays, your chosen media company will have access to all kinds of analytics that you won’t necessarily have. Things like website traffic, attendees at event, increased engagement with your brand and other styles of analyses can bring you some really quantitative results. Getting the professionals to deal with this is the best way to go.
  1. Dealing with competition: Today, the market is more crowded and competitive than ever, and this means that unless you are working in a market that is very new or isolated, you will have to deal with masses of competitors, and your goal should be to get (and stay!) ahead of them. A good media company can assist you in remaining ahead of the competition with innovative strategies and ideas, and to focus on the strengths of your brand in order to stay ahead. You cannot afford not to stand out from the crowd, so your brand identity has to be specially developed to show the uniqueness of the product or service you provide.
  1. Fresh, objective approaches: Business managers tend to get bogged down in a narrow field of vision about the brand in a lot of ways. Gaining some fresh eyes to guide you towards your target can be incredibly valuable. Engaging someone (or a media company) that is not intricately involved in your internal politics and marketing battles can shed some fantastic new light on marketing your brand more effectively. A great media company can provide you with the ability to explore new markets and ideas, and in addition, you will have access to a pool of experts who can combine skills to benefit your brand.

If you would like to know more about which media company to choose to market your brand, launch your product, organise your exhibition or draw delegates who matter to your conference, speak to our team at Moshate Communications today!


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