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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Event Planning

 When it comes to event planning, there is a saying that if something can go wrong, it probably will. Event managers and organisers are all too familiar with this concept. When things do go wrong, however, it is probably because some common mistakes are made during your event planning. These can be remedied, but it is best to know about the pitfalls before starting your event planning process. Here are some of the common pitfalls to avoid:

  1. Appointing an Inexperienced Person to Organise the Event: If your event is important to you or the company, it is vital that this is done correctly, and that the event planning is done by someone who knows what they are doing. Business managers often do not realise how complicated and time-consuming event planning can be, and they appoint an internal person, such as a marketing assistant or a PA, to do the job.These people generally do not have the experience, time, or assistance they need to organise a successful event. Often, they still have to fit their event planning duties in with their normal jobs as well. This could result in an overwhelmed employee and an underwhelming event. Rather outsource your event planning to an external event planner that organises events of all kinds. They have better resources and experience, and usually have a team behind them to take care of different tasks.


  1. Ineffective Communication: This is one of the most typical mistakes that are made, especially by inexperienced event planners. It usually comes in the form of few or no progress updates to the relevant stakeholders and the team that is helping to organise the event. To remedy the situation, a checklist and a project management schedule is needed to ensure that everything happens at the right time, and that everybody is up to date with the project via regular meetings or updates.While nobody enjoys being micro-managed, proper event planning strongly depends on regular communication with all the relevant people, including suppliers, project team members, marketers, etc. Outsourcing your event planning will often mean that you have a full project team at your disposal, with one person providing complete accountability for the project.


  1. Lack of Contingency Plans: There is always the possibility that things will not go exactly as planned, and a lack of contingency planning can result in disaster. The risks need to be identified and alternative plans need to be made to serve as backup. Typical things that go wrong include faulty technology, a lack of food when more people than planned show up for the event, catering to specific dietary requirements, and speakers showing up late (or not at all). Plans need to be put into place to deal with any of these problems during the event planning stage.


  1. Shortage of Parking and Signage: If you want to throw the event of the year and expect a lot of people, you have to ensure that ample parking is available. People get frustrated if they have to park blocks away from an event, and they get even more frustrated if they cannot quite pinpoint where the event is taking place. Event planning involves determining how much parking is available at the venue, where extra parking is available, and very clear signage to indicate the location of the event.


  1. Not Enough Hands on Deck: Event planning does not stop once the event starts. There has to be a number of people to manage the event while it takes place. For instance, someone is needed to ensure that the catering is completed at the right time, while another has to ensure that the speakers arrive on time and that they stick to the schedule. Someone also has to ensure that general enquiries by delegates can be dealt with.It is virtually impossible for one or two people to do this by themselves. This means that an organised team with specific duties needs to be put together. Everybody needs to be very clear on what their responsibilities will be on the day.

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